Leather industry and Clubhouse

I was intrigue by the comments about Clubhouse, but after being on that platform for over 2 weeks, I understand how amazing it is to share my message that I am so passionate about: no hide should be destroyed for lack of use, leather is recycling.

I have been able to participate in rooms where I am invited as speaker and I can talk to people all over the world and share what all our leather industry is trying to communicate: leather is a by product of the food industry, it is sustainable and a very noble natural material.

I am fascinated by the positive response that I have gotten, even by strict vegan or plant based people, we all come to the agreement of the importance of using the what is already on Earth, and that everything should be used out of the cattle as it happens with the meat.

Clubhouse is a new social media platform where you can join "rooms" where different topics are being discussed. As you enter to those rooms, you can raise your hand and share your story, message or opinion about the topic. Everything is voice based, I would call it a "live radio/podcast" where you as a listener have the opportunity to participate.

I invite all people in our industry to join and let's keep spreading our message! 

You can find me as @EvaBarbara