TWIL connects men and women with the Earth and humanity by offering unique art and products created with natural and sustainable materials while also supporting different philanthropy causes.


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What makes TWIL unique?


We strive to create each of our pieces without compromising the needs of future generations, that is striving for a balance between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.


We embrace our love for humanity through philanthropy by donating a percentage of our sales as well as offering our most valuable resource: time.


We embrace the emotions we experience and we look to create pieces that bring you unforgetable memories when you see or feel our pieces.

Exclusive & Limited Edition

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  • 100% veg tanned leather

  • Hand painted and finished

  • Shipping free worldwide

  • 50% of the profits supports a philanthropic cause

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What is TWIL?

  • TWIL helps men and women to connect with the Earth and humanity.

  • We offer unique art and products crafted with natural and sustainable materials.

  • We work with leather produced with the most sustainable processes.

  • TWIL embraces the love for humankind through philanthropy.

  • TWIL sparks sensorial experiences through art and unique applications for your interior décor.

  • TWIL’s art can pass through generations.

  • TWIL ignites your love for all people and the Earth.

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