Discover the enchanting fusion of artistry, sustainability, and purpose with TWIL’s Collections. Our exquisite leather décor celebrates the beauty of our plane while embodying our brand’s core values- philanthropy, sustainability and love.


The Miracle Collection holds a special place in our hearts, as it is inspired by our daughter Ashley’s journey as an national ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 2023. Her advocacy for emotional and mental health fuels our passion to create unique, meaningful art that nurtures the human spirit and explores sensorial experiences as each piece will invite you to observe, touch and smell.

Each piece in the Miracle Collection is meticulously crafted by hand, capturing the essence of nature in inspiring leather pieces for your wall décor spaces. The craftmanship and attention to detail foster a profund connection to the Earth, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

By embracing TWIL’s Miracle Collection, you become an integral part of our philanthropic mission. A promotion of each purchase support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals that it is an organization that supports 170 hospitals in USA and Canada, creating a lasting impact that extends beyond the boundaries of your living and working spaces.
Experience the transformative power or our unique, sustainable, and compassionate creations, inspired by the resilience and hope embodied in the incredible journeys that many children live when they face medical challenges in their young lives.

These products help the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

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The World in Leather TWIL
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Music for your Soul - Cello
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Golden Moon
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TWIL The World in Leather
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LeathArt: Joyful circulation
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Day Dreaming Landscape



Leather brings a unique and elegant touch to interior décor. We help companies, corporations, and institutions to brand their business in leather creating unique pieces of art décor where their logo or name is enhanced with leather. In a world where the digital has been dominating, creating a piece that support a sensorial experience, leather invites you to touch, to smell and it is attractive at sight due to the elegant characteristic that has.


One of TWIL’s mission is to offer unique applications for interiors in luxury residences. We create bespoken pieces to our customers that want to explore the versatile opportunities that leather brings.