Besides furniture, how can we use leather in interior decor?

Elegant, natural, versatile, and stylish the leather can be in any space.

No matter what is the style that you have in your spaces, leather furniture has proven to be timeless. Leather is a material like no other that is alive and requires low maintenance.

Many people get confused about how to include leather in their interior décor, leather is an aesthetically appealing material that can be incorporated into your interior to achieve a masculine or feminine appearance. It depends on using the right colors, textures and designs.

The most common way to integrate leather in interior décor is through any type of furniture and accessories for different rooms.

Furniture can be: Chairs, love seats, couches, benches, tables, bed boards.

Leather wall pocket

 Accessories: Wall coat hanger, wall file holder, desk pads, mouse pad, trays, paper and pencil holders, trash cans and magazine holders among others.




But leather is extremely versatile that can also be found in:



Area rugs

Kitchen cabinets




In TWIL we love to think different, and we love to use leather to create art, art that dresses your walls and spaces in a unique and elegant way bringing your wall to a different level. The leather is alive and can create conversations from the colors or textures, creating a unique sensorial experience for you and your guests.

Colors and textures in this TWIL: Golden Moon


The World In Leather 1 panel


We use leather and its different textures and colors to create landscapes, maps, abstract art, monograms for walls but we are also developing sculptures that bring memories to you.





If the area that you want is commercial, we brand your business in leather, we love working with your creative team and enhance your logo giving life to a unique piece for your business.

Join us in this journey as our creativity develops and grows for you.