Learn about TWIL

“With over 22 years of experience in the leather industry, I have seen an worldwide evolution in how leather products are being processed. The use of sustainable leather is one that is changing the way companies do business.  I’m excited to bring all of my experience and knowledge to TWIL and offer amazing custom quality leather products to our customers.” – Eva.

Toni and Eva are sisters and together decided to create TWIL. Toni is an expert on the industry of conventions and business reunions and she brings her executive expertise to complement Eva's knowledge in the leather industry.


TWIL represents a sublime collection of leather products for home and interior decoration - for your living/working comfort and convenience. We are reinventing the way we use leather in our everyday lives.

All of our products are made genuine leather and are manufactured using sustainable processes.

TWIL engages the leather industry to produce hides using the best ecological processes and designs quality products made from this sustainable leather.

Our products strive for sustainability in these 4 categories:


Create awareness on the importance of using clean processes in the production of leather and reusing existing leather from around the world.


Our company is committed to working with industry leaders, organizations, and vendors to improve the quality of life of those on our team and the community.


TWIL builds partnerships that lead to economic growth and provides positive impact on our communities. Creating long-term “win-win” relationships.


TWIL looks to support the future or our planet through providing products that leave a minimal footprint on our society.


If you have any question about our products, leather or have a specific need for a product, please contact us (414) 477-6101 or theworldinleather@gmail.com